dotfilesMy dotfiles and some scripts 7 weeks
chicken-updateUpdate installed CHICKEN Scheme eggs 8 weeks
icuChicken bindings to the ICU unicode library 8 months
numchiA numerical library inspired by NumPy 8 months
packeggCreate Arch packages out of CHICKEN eggs 8 months
project-eulerProject Euler solutions and experiments in different languages 8 months
r7rs-tools"Pure" r7rs compiler/interpreter for CHICKEN 8 months
srfi-105CHICKEN port of srfi-105 8 months
srfi-143CHICKEN port of srfi-143 8 months
srfi-144CHICKEN port of SRFI 144: Flonums 8 months
srfi-160CHICKEN port of srfi-160 8 months
srfi-169CHICKEN port of srfi-169 8 months
srfi-179CHICKEN port of srfi-179 8 months
srfi-197CHICKEN port of srfi-197 8 months
dieggsy.comSource code for this website 8 months
arch-pkgsCustom Arch Linux PKGBUILDs 8 months
chicken-chalkSimple hahn-style in-source documentation 8 months
chicken-espeakChicken bindings for espeak-ng's speak_lib.h 8 months
rainbow-rosesA text adventure experiment