BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDon't update ctags by defaultdieggsy4 months
arch-freezeComment sbcl-readline configdieggsy10 months
serverMerge branch 'master' into serverdieggsy11 months
mainOptimize performancedieggsy18 months
arm-serverFix makepkg.conf for archlinuxarmdieggsy20 months
stow-testPoint to old configdieggsy3 years
straightPrefix start-time var with d/therockmandolinist5 years
general...General tweaks and indentation.therockmandolinist5 years
bind-mapReluctantly initialize pyenv on shell startuptherockmandolinist5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-04-07Don't update ctags by defaultHEADmasterdieggsy
2022-02-21Avoid string substitution of dircolors on all platformsdieggsy
2022-02-20Don't start tmux in an ssh sessiondieggsy
2022-02-20Use https for zsh pluginsdieggsy
2022-02-19Fix typo in makefiledieggsy
2022-02-19Add env setup for macos GUIdieggsy
2022-02-19Clean up zshrc and zshenvdieggsy
2022-02-19Set up xref/ctags and run ctags on save in projectsdieggsy
2022-02-19Clean up SLIME/SLY configsdieggsy
2022-02-19Use project-find-file instead of counsel-find-filedieggsy