AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-26Ignore fasl filesHEADmasterdieggsy
2021-04-26Ensure lisp miller rabin doesn't trip up on zerodieggsy
2021-04-26Correct p59-msg.txtdieggsy
2021-04-26Add p65 solution in lispdieggsy
2021-04-24p102 in pythondieggsy
2021-04-24Add p59 solutiondieggsy
2021-04-24Add cards.lisp for p54dieggsy
2021-04-24Add some SBCL solutionsdieggsy
2021-04-12CHICKEN: Add a slow p62, add TODOsdieggsy
2021-04-12Add comment about CHICKEN p69 slownessdieggsy
2021-04-12Add p69 solution in CHICKENdieggsy
2021-04-12Remove debug print, add time/result for p63dieggsy
2021-04-12Add p63 solution in CHICKENdieggsy
2021-04-12Add p49 solution in CHICKENdieggsy
2021-04-12Add a subpar p50 racket impldieggsy
2021-04-09Add prime to dune builddieggsy
2021-04-09prime test - trials in wrong placedieggsy
2021-04-09Move time into a subdirectorydieggsy
2021-04-09Add prime library (Miller-Rabin)dieggsy
2021-04-08Turns out, you can call infix operators as prefixdieggsy
2021-04-08p32: Solved a new problem in OCaml, nice!dieggsy
2021-04-07Add some OCaml solutionsdieggsy
2021-01-03Add Readmedieggsy
2021-01-03Add C, Chickendieggsy
2021-01-03Update cargo.lockdieggsy
2021-01-03More rust problemsdieggsy
2019-02-14Ignore import.scm filesdieggsy
2019-02-11Add p071.rsdieggsy
2019-02-07Fix typo (in commented out code, but still)dieggsy
2019-02-07Parallelize p357dieggsy
2019-02-07Use euler_sieve for p10dieggsy
2019-02-07Rename files for orderingdieggsy
2019-02-07Cargo.lock updatedieggsy
2019-02-07Add p357 and p74dieggsy
2019-02-07Style/cleanup changesdieggsy
2019-02-07Redo some problems using primal cratedieggsy
2019-02-07Use primal cratedieggsy
2019-02-07Run rustfmt on numbers, add euler_sievedieggsy
2019-02-06Move all data files from rust into data/dieggsy
2019-02-06Reorganize filesdieggsy
2019-02-06Move txt files into data/, lots of cleanupdieggsy
2019-02-06Fix gitignoredieggsy
2019-02-06Add rust-eulerdieggsy
2019-02-04Cleanup, slightly better benchmarksdieggsy
2019-02-04More problems completeddieggsy
2019-02-04Add p38dieggsy
2019-02-04Add p33, p34dieggsy
2019-02-04Set p42-words.txt to original unmodified filedieggsy
2019-02-04Fix digit sum functiondieggsy