AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-21Desrcibe v0.4.1HEADmasterdieggsy
2021-03-03Bump release0.4.1dieggsy
2021-03-03Fix incorrect one-argument calls to chicken:fx-dieggsy
2021-03-02Use fixnum operations internally0.4dieggsy
2021-03-02Add 'note on overflow'dieggsy
2021-03-02Fix test indentationdieggsy
2021-03-02Implement variadic arithmetic operatorsdieggsy
2021-03-02Bump release veriondieggsy
2021-03-02Wiki: add toc, fix linkdieggsy
2021-03-02Update version info in wikidieggsy
2021-03-02Reorganize files, wrap wiki, add chicken/maintianership notes0.3dieggsy
2021-02-25Rename release-info filedieggsy
2021-02-25Update release-info for new hostdieggsy
2020-11-18Version bump to 0.20.2devCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18Removed unused srfi-143.slsCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18Removed unused srfi-143.sldCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18Removed unused fxcore.scmCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18removed unused rubber-chicken.scmCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18Fix for issue 3Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18Fix for issue 2Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-18Fixed link to original SRFI-143 pageCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17wrapping in curly braces0.1Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17wrapping in curly bracesCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17added <procedure> tagsCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17added <constant> tagsCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17org links to svnwiki linksCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17org bullet lists to svnwiki bullet listsCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17org headings to svnwiki headingsCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17org source code blocks to svnwiki enscript blocksCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Initial checkin of README.svnwikiCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Fix for issue 1Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Removed Implementation section0.1-pre1Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17org source code block markupCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Changed (use ...) to (import ...)Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Removed (use numbers) because Chicken 5 no longer has "numbers"Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17renamed tests/chicken-test.scm -> tests/run.scmCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Moved tests in to "tests" directoryCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17This is porting work, not just packagingCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Ported Chicken 4 to Chicken 5 codeCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Using srfi-143/srfi-143.scm instead of srfi-143/rubber-chicken.scmCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17not importing fixnum? because it's being defined in srfi-143Cthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Initial checkinCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Initial checkinCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Initial checkinCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Imported contents of srfi-143 web pageCthulhu Ftaghn
2020-11-17Initial checkinCthulhu Ftaghn